About the Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce

Harlow Chamber of CommerceThe Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) - for businesses in Harlow

Membership Means A Lot More

Whether you are looking to grow your business, raise your profile in the local Harlow & District business community, network with other businesses, looking to trade internationally, wanting to raise your (or your staffs) skill level or saving money on HR & Legal support, being a member of the Harlow & District Chamber can help you achieve your businesses objectives.

Harlow & District Chamber is on a mission to connect, support and give voice to every business in Harlow by doing our bit to ensure the Town is a business friendly environment to succeed in.

We are absolutely committed to leading the way when it comes to business issues by highlighting key issues to influence change. 

In support of our members, Harlow & District Chamber will concentrate on four key themes:
Revolution in Technology; Improving Infrastructure; Bridging the Skills Gap and Economic Trends.


We can help your business to grow


Opportunities to network with fellow members, from start-ups to national bodies and sectors from facilities management to marketing.


Promote your business through our website, social media, news mailers and to the wider Harlow business community.


Included advice and support when your business needs it with HR, Legal, Tax and Health and Safety issues. As well as included protection should things go wrong.


The world today is far more virtual, we will always seek to ensure we can offer through our members and contacts a range of training courses. Delivered in the most appropriate manner. From taster sessions to half-day courses, covering marketing, sales, leadership, social media, health & safety and more.


Join the collective voice of our members and have your say on issue like highways, communications, transportation, town centre refurbishment, development and more.

International Trade

Our Committee and members have the contacts who seek to offer help and advice, as well as providing the guidance with the usual export documentation that you would expect from a Chamber.


We are constantly on the look out for access to discounts on a range of services and products, from healthcare and energy to breakdown cover for Harlow & District Members to benefit from.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Committee of Team Players

The Harlow & Distict Chamber Committee consists of a team from across a wide range of businesses who are here to ensure that you and your business gets the most possible from being a member.