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Grow and Change Workshop

This 4-Step Grow & Change Workshop Programme is designed to support growing businesses that will benefit from boosting the leadership, change management and other personal and business development skills that will assist them in moving their businesses forward.

Although each of the four workshops in the Grow & Change Workshop Programme can be attended as a stand-alone session, the workshops have been designed to work together to provide a comprehensive set of skills that will be of real benefit to those who have a role to play in managing and developing growing businesses.

3. Develop the Business

Whilst every organisation wants to be successful a sudden upsurge in business can be extremely damaging if there are no plans in place to manage it. This workshop focuses on the strategic planning skills essential for the management of business growth, enabling businesses to manage a programme of sustainable expansion and growth. This workshop includes:

-       Recognising opportunities.

-       Understanding the strategic planning process.

-       Setting and implementing long-term strategic goals.

-       Making more money through business growth.

Managing business expansion and growth and creating succession plans.


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The event will start on: Wed 14 Jun 2017 - 9:30am

From 9:30am ending at 12:30pm
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