Dan Cable (Surface Medic)
Restoration and Repair
Dan Cable
Surface Medic
Restoration and Repair


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3 Merlin House,
West Road,
CM20 2GB
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Surface Medic reduces the times spent on the replacement process with the average replacement being a lengthy and gruelling process. However when the opportunity to use Surface Medic arises that time can be cut drastically reducing the time investment needed for all parties.

Often when a replacement is needed it also requires additional work from other contractors such as plumbers, electricians and waste removal services. With Surface Medic no additional contractors are required because we work on an existing item without the need to remove anything.

With many years of experience in the industry we bring a wealth of knowledge and highly trained professionals who operate with clear structure and support, which is why we believe Surface Medic has the opportunity to revolutionize the industry for everyone.