Colin Tankard (Digital Pathways Ltd)
Cyber security
Colin Tankard
Digital Pathways Ltd
Cyber security


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Over the last 20 years Digital Pathways has been in the forefront in the battle against cyber attacks, but in the last seven years those attacks have become more frequent, persistent and intelligent leaving many networks open to be plundered at will.


Most solutions are installed as a reaction with no clear thought for the future or are of poor quality using proprietary codes and techniques which fail at the first attempt to breach them.


Digital Pathways brings a fresh approach to protecting the company’s digital ‘Crown Jewels’ with technologies which can make your networks go dark so they can’t be hacked, enable your mobile devices to become part of a community which can access hidden servers or cloud resources or intelligently encrypt critical data even when it is stored in third party applications such as Salesforce.


Compliance is often a starting point for data security, but what about voice recordings and especially mobile calls. In todays need for instant communication waiting for a PBX call back or conference call bridge to start a recording is just too long.  Our nMobile solution connects in an instant and just as importantly stores all the recordings on a FIPs certified security server appliance so there is no question of the call recordings integrity for evidential needs.


With a range of leading edge technologies and fully managed data security services Digital Pathways has a solution to meet your client’s data security or compliance needs. So come and join with us to deliver total peace of mind data protection.