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Louis Sullivan
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Central Library
Cross Street
CM20 1HA
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Who we are

Harlowsave Credit Union has been operating for 20 years providing accessible savings, affordable credit and financial advice to the community. A Credit Union is a financial co-operative, offering financial services (savings, loans and insurances.) It exists solely to benefit those who join. It is owned and controlled by the Members.

There are no external shareholders, who make a profit from people’s misfortunes.

The voluntary Board of Directors is elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), when all members have voting rights.


We are passionate about developing innovative ways to support our communities and believe in today’s current financial climate it is vital we support the younger generation to become financially stable, by promoting the benefits of saving, and educating them on vital financial tools. To achieve this it’s important to not only shape the behaviours and attitudes of the younger generation but that also of the older generation. Parents and carers are essential in making this project sustainable and provide a lasting impression on the ‘family unit’; this in turn will encourage financial buoyancy and financial confidence in the future.