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Harlow Town FC - charity football

A fundraising day on behalf of The Dolphin Ward at Princess Alexandra Hospital – this ward is purely for children with a variety of difficulties.

The ward is trying to raise £21,000 for 16 beds to go next to the 16 beds that the kids occupy.  These beds are to enable the mums or dads to be able to spend the night with their sick children.

We are looking for donations of £50 plus (£50 would be great but if you can do a bit more fantastic) helping the Hospital to have their day.

Any companies or individuals that contribute to this will get their name on a board of honour that will be displayed in a prominent position at the club linking you with the hospital and the club.

The day itself will be made up of 2 short football matches involving hospital staff plus a 5-a-side football tournament that we will organise around their games.

There will also be other attractions to be announced.

We would be delighted if companies wanted to enter a team in to this event – at a cost of £10 per player with a maximum of 10 in a squad.

Please let’s help to raise as much as we can.

The event will start on: Sat 23 Jun 2018 - 3:00pm

From 3:00pm ending at 8:00pm
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