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Grow and Change Workshop

This 4-Step Grow & Change Workshop Programme is designed to support growing businesses that will benefit from boosting the leadership, change management and other personal and business development skills that will assist them in moving their businesses forward.

Although each of the four workshops in the Grow & Change Workshop Programme can be attended as a stand-alone session, the workshops have been designed to work together to provide a comprehensive set of skills that will be of real benefit to those who have a role to play in managing and developing growing businesses.


1. Develop the Person

As smaller organisations develop and grow the business owners and directors will need to make the move from a purely operational role to a more strategic role; that is, moving from ‘doing’ to ‘leading’. This workshop focuses on the personal and strategic leadership skills essential for the effective management of a growing organisation. This workshop includes:

-       Understanding the difference between operational management and strategic leadership.

-       Key leadership skills for growing businesses.

-       Developing your problem solving skills and handling potential issues with the business, people and customers.

-       Improving business resources and finances through better negotiation skills.


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The event will start on: Tue 13 Jun 2017 - 9:30am

From 9:30am ending at 12:30pm
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